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“This is a new golden age, where we build bikes to be the best they can be”

-Osman Yissah, Founder & CEO, Rockwell Martyn

Fast Charge

Onboard fast-charge capability, to achieve a full charge in just 25 minutes


Bluetooth and wifi updates to improve overall battery management


Customisable options with modes for economy, comfort, sport and race

Advanced Cooling

Bespoke liquid tab-based cooling and battery management system

Render of the Ex Machina motorcycle.
250 KM/H+
122 KW+
200 KM
440 NM

Reserve your EX MACHINA

Experience the revolutionary ride of the Ex Machina and reserve your limited edition model today.

The eX Machina will be the first Rockwell Martyn to grace the streets . It is a production that bucks the status quo to give its rider a motorcycle that your run of the mill brands are afraid to sell.

Such a task is not purely a matter of style, beauty and form but ethos; to create a bike that begins where your favourite bike left off. Instant Torque, Perfect Launch, power tailored to your capability, your desire. All to give you comfort outside of your comfort zone.

Rockwell Martyn eX Machina: Debut Edition - limited to just 400 Units.


£1,000 Reservation

Reservation slot for your Ex Machina Debut edition.

£25,000 + VAT Full Price
  • Reservation of Debut Edition Motorcycle
  • Option to Upgrade to Silver
  • Production priority group 4


£3,000 Reservation

Reservation slot for your Ex Machina Debut edition.

£25,000 + VAT Full Price
  • Reservation of Debut Edition Motorcycle
  • Option to Upgrade to Gold
  • Limited Edition Shirt
  • Limited Edition Keyring
  • Lifetime Entry to Founders Club
  • Production priority group 3


£10,000 Reservation

Reservation slot for your Ex Machina Debut edition.

£25,000 + VAT Full Price
  • Reservation of Debut Edition Motorcycle
  • Custom Motorcycle Colour
  • Limited Edition Gold Shirt
  • Limited Edition Keyring
  • Signed Printed Canvas of Concept Sketch
  • Ultra Tier Custom Helmet
  • Lifetime Entry to Founders Club
  • Production priority group 2

Ultra Special Edition

£35,000 + VAT Full Price
10 Units Remaining - Taking Applications Now


  • Custom Colour - Never to be repeated
  • Rockwell Martyn Paddock Stand
  • Bodywork Detailing - Custom number and name added to the motorcycle
  • Production Priority in Waiting List
  • Production priority group 1


  • Rockwell Martyn Ultra Tier Custom Helmet
  • Signed Ex Machina Concept Sketch
  • Limited Edition Keyring
  • Limited Edition Gold Shirt

Handover Day

  • Guided factory tour with founder
  • Track Day - hands on tutorial where you will be walked through the systems and performance capabilities of your new bike

Free Lifetime Access to Founders Club

Lifetime Membership to the Rockwell Martyn Founders Club, which includes priority servicing and maintenance time slots, first priority pre-ordering for new motorcycles and access to special one-off models.

Become Part of the Rockwell Martyn Legacy

The world stands at the beginning of a new era of transport, not since 1910 has the world been in this position. Claim your place in history with our ultra edition, be formally written into Rockwell Martyn’s legacy with official credits, and a plaque in our showrooms and factory. Become an honorary part of the team, with additional benefits for the life of the company.

As Rockwell Martyn develops the eX Machina from a concept to the production model 10 control riders will be required to test and guide the evolving design and ergonomics into a practical form.

The most iconic motorcycles toe the line between beauty and functionality and as a control rider you will be instrumental in creating that balance in the Ex Machina. In being a control rider, you will have a privileged relationship with Rockwell Martyn which may result in the participation in promotional events and material.

Additionally, you will receive one of 10 Ultra editions of the eX Machina and your contributions and preferences will help shape the 390 debut editions in this run, leaving an everlasting mark on the Rockwell Martyn brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the estimated launch date?

    This depends on how quickly we raise funding between our development phases. Delays may affect our launch date and we won't release or deliver motorcycles until Rockwell Martyn is certain that they’re perfect for our customers! A good estimate would be 42 months from the date we meet our pre-sales targets.

  • In which countries will the bike be launched?

    Our launch countries are – United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Italy, Spain and France.

  • Can the bike be sold outside of the launch countries?

    We can sell to anyone, but we cannot guarantee servicing support outside the specified locations. We may not be able to deliver the motorcycle to certain countries as standard and may require special arrangements, provided there are no legal barriers to us doing so.

  • How will I receive my order?

    Everyone is entitled to collect their motorcycle from our designated facility. For those outside of our launch countries looking for deliveries we can arrange custom options with them for a bespoke service. For those within our service areas, we can arrange delivery if you’d rather not collect your bike.

  • How long will the batteries last?

    Rockwell Martyn builds motorcycles to be timeless. A weak or short lived experience would defeat the purpose of what we set out to achieve, so we are delighted to tell you that in real world terms the death of premium batteries is well documented because they are mostly all still running and have outperformed their projected life expectations.

    The simple statement of assurance that we wish to give you is that they are expected to live beyond the life expectancy of the vehicle.


Our Vision for the World of Motorcycles

Did you know the average age of riders increases each year? Why? Because Millennials and Gen Z think bikes are for old people, and no amount of talking about 0-60 in 3 seconds is going to change that. But what will? The 21st century bike that can make people feel they’ve found their place in the world. The bike that makes people feel they’re three inches taller, wearing better-fitting clothes, with the confidence that comes from knowing you’re exactly who you are and where you need to be. There are millions of potential riders out there who haven’t yet even considered swinging their leg over a motorcycle saddle. We’re here to change that.

Founders Thoughts
with Osman Yissah


Our Eco Standpoint

You won’t find us advertising the fact our bikes are sustainable. We don’t talk about the zero emissions, our belief in green transport or our commitment to striving for carbon negativity. Because that’s not our rider’s problem. Climate change is created by manufacturers, and as a manufacturer, it’s up to us to deal with it. We’re taking on the responsibility that’s ours, not asking our riders to do it for us. Every second we could spend talking about climate change is a second that’s better spent talking about the guilt-free riding experience we’re creating.

Founders Thoughts
with Osman Yissah


Our Partnerships

Two themes guide the Rockwell Martyn partnership: dreams and reality. Our design team creates wild concepts that would never leave the sketchpad at a conventional brand and our engineering team is brave and visionary enough to take those sketches and make them real. The design team is AutoFabrica, and our chosen engineering team is Ricardo. They know how to turn visionary ideas into real pieces of working technology that push boundaries, break records and even change the world.

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Founders Thoughts
with Osman Yissah


Meet The Maker

Osman Yissah, Founder & CEO

Osman’s first commercial success was rejuvenating the sales of an extreme sports company at aged 18. He has had a passion for renewable energy in transport since age 8. With a degree in law, Osman prides himself on critical thinking in order to apply himself to any situation, and values wise counsel above all else. He will prioritize the expansion of an effective team going forward that can realize Rockwell Martyn's goals. The plan was developed using sociological, psychological and anthropological principles, along with economics and industry data, to address market deficiencies and future demand. Osman will ensure that Rockwell Martyn’s corporate vision and culture manifests itself throughout the products and services to create a vibrant brand with an eye on market domination.

An Intro with Osman
with Osman Yissah


Our Roadmap




Exclusive packages launched

Prototype Build

Development Phases

8-10 Months


Commercialise Product

Marketing Campaign & Collaborative Ventures

32 Months


In the UK, Germany, United States, Italy, Spain and France.