Ricardo and Rockwell Martyn

Ricardo is a world-class environmental, engineering and strategic consulting company. With over 100 years of engineering excellence, we provide exceptional levels of expertise in delivering leading edge and innovative cross sector sustainable products and solutions, helping our global customers increase efficiencies, achieve growth and create a cleaner and safer future. 

Ricardo is the trusted global engineering services partner for clean, efficient, integrated propulsion and energy solutions for a sustainable zero carbon future. Taking a whole lifecycle carbon neutral approach to minimise environmental impact systems-led thinking and cutting-edge digital tools, we deliver the best possible technology solutions for performance, efficiency, safety and quality with an agility that provides a competitive advantage to our customers.

A go-to full-service technical partner for full product development, Ricardo helps its clients in the motorcycle sector to plan, design and deliver world-class motorcycles, scooters and other two, three and small four-wheeled vehicles. Drawing on a vast knowledge of full vehicle design and engine, transmission, driveline and hybrid/electric motorcycle technology, we offer our clients accelerated, uncompromised delivery of uniquely designed motorcycle products that satisfy both consumer expectations and regulatory standards.

Leading the charge in motorcycle electrification, Ricardo is pleased to be the engineering service provider for Rockwell Martyn. Our experienced engineering team will deliver world-leading vehicle engineering and powertrain integration services to bring extreme performance to the Rockwell Martyn Ex-Machina electric superbike range. 

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